"10 Easy steps to help you sell your vehicle on Craigslist"

2007 BMW
2007 Rocket III
2005 BMW
2007 Outlander MAX XT800

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"My 10 Best Tips for Selling Just About Anything on Craigslist"

  1. I know that this sounds obvious, but I have found time after time that people don't have a clue about the old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Clean, wax and tire dressing go a long way. I have made 10's of thousands $$$$$$ of dollars by buying vehicle's on CL that someone couldn't sell, just by simply washing, waxing and tire dressing; and of course using my expertise of writing and presenting an ad with detailed imbedded pictures that actually sells.

  1. After you get it ready for prime time. Try and take some professional looking pictures of your Motorcycle, Car, Truck, ATV etc. Use bright sunlight from your backside to your advantage. Turn the bike or vehicle so that the sunlight will shine all over it. Take pictures of all 4 sides and at least one close up of motor or highly detailed area. Get close enough to fill the frame without chopping any part of the image off. Click on these links below as an example of a professionally written and presented ad that worked: I had buyers almost standing in line. 

    2005 BMW

    2007 Outlander MAX XT800

    2007 BMW

    2007 Rocket III

    These are exact ads that I placed in the Reno, Nevada Craigslist under motorcycles. Both bikes sold within a week. (Actually they both sold the same day) Can you see how the pictures jump out at you? The previous owners of these bikes tried and failed to sell these bikes on CL. Combined they left $2400 on the table. Not a bad days work for taking a few pictures and writing two ads specific to each bike. This is not bragging its just fact. I know how to sell, and I am now letting others in on how I do it. 

    My personal best for selling a MC on CL has been 7 hours from the time I posted one of my ads on CL, until the Buyer was counting out hundreds in front of me, meeting my asking price to the dollar.

  1. Do simple maintenance chores like changing the oil and oil filter. Brake and clutch fluid flushes. Save receipts of parts that you use. Do as much as you can to let the new prospective Buyer know that you maintain all of your vehicles per the factory manual standards or better. A Prospective Buyer will have a more positive impression from someone who properly maintains their vehicles.

  1. Get out all paperwork and see if there is any factory warranty left. Check to see what exact year it is on the title. I have bought several motorcycles and ATV's where the seller thought it was older, than what the actual title says. I just recently bought a motorcycle where the gentleman had advertised it as a 2005 with 6300 miles on it. He had been trying to sell it for over 2 months. I always check the vin. # and what they are showing on the odometer. I paid a reasonable price for a 2005 of that year and condition, only to find out when I got home, that according to the title it was a 2007. Further examination of the odometer showed that he was reading one of the trip meters and didn't see the decimal point. Actual mileage was 4200 miles. Needless to say I was pleased with my purchase and I made a substantial return on my investment. Sold it in one week using my ad expertise with some dynamite looking photos imbedded in the ad. I actually had several out of state buyers wanting to fly in, Buy the bike and then drive it home.

  1. If your Motorcycle or ATV needs tires or something, be up front in your ad and say that I am discounting it by so much to cover tires or a scratch or dent. Don't try and hide it; be up front with the buyers in the ad. Even show a detailed picture of defect or tires or whatever is the problem. Potential buyers would rather deal with someone that is up front with them as long as the price discount reflects the problem.

  1. If you know of positive articles written on your vehicle, use those links in your ad. When you read my examples of a couple of actual ads where both motorcycles sold in one week; I try where I can, to personalize the ad and use as many positive links as I can. My personal best is 7 hours from the time I placed the ad on CL until the Buyer placed the money in my hand, for of course full asking price.

  1. Give your potential Buyer as much information about whatever you are selling as possible, without getting redundant. Most everyone that calls me on my ads are just trying to set up an appointment with me, because all their questions were answered in the ad. If a potential buyer doesn't have all the answers in trying to make a buying decision, they will place a negative in their brain that is much harder to overcome. 95% of the people that physically come out to my house to see what ever I am selling will BUY it on the spot at my asking price. You see! They have already made the Buying decision from reading my ad, and they are just completing the transaction by giving me the “Ben Franklins.” I have been paid many compliments by potential Buyers on how informative my ads were. Puts a smile on my face and $$$ in my pocket.

  1. You don't want to leave any money on the table, but you also have to price your vehicle at fair market value. In this economic recession, the few buyers they do have out there, are valued buyers and know CASH is King. Your vehicle is always worth more to you than to someone else. Remember if there is a qualified Buyer out there, you want him or her to come and see your vehicle not someone else's comparable vehicle. So putting up a professional  looking ad with full screen imbedded pictures in the ad, will give you a leg up on any one else selling the same or like item.

  1. If you have the vehicle ready for sale and are presenting a professional looking ad with detailed pictures and you are not getting any calls after a week, then you might reconsider coming off your price some. Remember Buyers with CASH are King. I always use NADA values for used vehicles. It is much closer to actual selling prices than KBB. How many times have you seen an ad stating $2K below KBB. The reason being, is that KBB is for dealers to try and make you think that the deal they are presenting to you looks like a good deal. It's over inflated. In actuality NADA is more useful. Remember that something only sells, when someone is willing to pay a price for an item and the seller is willing to take that price.

  1. I never place the amount that I'm asking in the front box on the Craigslist ad. They have to open the ad, see my detailed imbedded pictures and read about what I am selling to find the price. If I have done my job, I have got them interested, and price becomes secondary. Otherwise a potential Buyer might skip right over your ad using price as the only criteria. If they are looking at my ad with detailed high tech. pictures they are going to see much more and learn much more about what I'm selling, than any of the other Craigslist ads in that sector for sale.

These are my 10 simple rules for selling whatever you have, in the least amount of time and for maximum dollars to your pocket on Craigslist. Using these rules has made me a lot of money right here on Craigslist.

As an introductory offer I will be providing this photo conversion service for only $5.00 per photo with a minimum of $25. This price covers imbedding of up to (5) of your jpeg photos from your digital camera into a useable form, that can be placed anywhere in your own CL ad. Notice how I placed my pictures right after the first paragraph to catch the eye of any prospective buyers.

You can't buy a more effective tool or service, that will help you sell your vehicle in the shortest period of time, for your best selling price for only $25.

Once you have used my imbedding service, I'm sure you will become a repeat customer, whenever you have another item to sell on CL.

I use PayPal service for confirmation of my orders and it makes it easy on you to do business in that venue as well as for me.

For all orders just email me at: jdbaldoc@hotmail.com or if you have any questions you might have. Tell me in your email how many photos that you want to be converted into a useable imbedded code. I will then send you a numbered invoice from PayPal by email for the $25.00 minimum service fee or for whatever number of photos above the (5). There is no limit on my end.

After you receive your invoice, you can then go to PayPal at your convenience and either put it on your PayPal account, or easily open one up at that time, or use one of your favorite credit cards right there on PayPals web site.

You can also send me your jpeg photos from your digital camera at the same time by email, referencing your paid Invoice #.

When I receive confirmation from PayPal, I will convert your pictures to a code that can be inserted anywhere in your CL ad. Average turn around time is usually less than 12 hours after I receive your photos by email and confirmation of payment. I will send completed code back to you by your email address.

Believe me: 


All transactions will be between you and PayPal and all your information is protected by their on site security. I never see any of your private data or information. Millions of people every day use PayPal for their internet transactions.

Hope to see you as one of my many satisfied customers.

Compare your CL ads with my 2007 BMW or 2007 Rocket III example ads. I believe you will agree that my ads are not your run of the mill CL ads. Time and thought goes into each and every ad I do, and the pictures speak for themselves. My ads work and they work quickly, and they make me money. You can't knock a proven method of selling on Craigslist. Smart individuals emulate other successful people, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

As a special "BONUS" for becoming one of my new customers, I will let you in on some more Craigslist secrets that will help you sell your vehicles, that only 1 out of every 50,000 Craigslisters know about.

Craigslist is a powerful tool if you know how to unlock it's potential for your own benefit. 

If you are not using full sized high resolution imbedded pictures in your CL ads, then you are not using one of the most important features alloted to you by CL. 

You will not be attracting the potential buyers you need to sell your vehicle. You will just blend in to all the other sellers for that day.

If you are not using full sized imbedded pictures, and you keep lowering your price, thinking it's only the price not your ad; then email me with what you have, and I might buy it at the right price from you. I will then turn around and sell it for what you were originally asking, using my ads and photos, just like I have done so many times in the past. 

$25 Bucks is cheap compared to the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that you will keep chopping off your price because it is not selling. If I could dissect your ad and pictures, (and nothing is actually wrong with your vehicle), I could tell you why it's not selling.

On special occasions I have been asked by customers to actually write their ad for them and use my picture imbedding service as well. I will usually charge an additional fee of $40 per ad for that service. They will be written in a style similar to my two examples above for the BMW and Rocket III. Again this is very inexpensive for having a custom ad written specifically for what ever you are selling. I have one running right now in the Reno/Tahoe section of CL. Hint! It is a BMW motorcycle. See if you can pick out my ad that I wrote for this customer. My style of ad is unmistakable, and they work.

Good Luck and I hope you will use my service for embedding your jpeg photos into a Craigslist ad. I know that you will be completely satisfied. Certainly works for me!



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2007 Outlander MAX XT800

2005 BMW