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The 2007 BMW F650GS has BMW’s most popular and bullet proof engine. One of the F650GS Forums has one happy owner turning over 200K miles on his F650GS without a major overhaul and still going strong. If you are looking for one bike to own, you would have to seriously consider the BMW F650GS. 





Just ask any BMW Motor Cycle mechanic about the ruggedness of the F650 engine. Dual spark design with optimum fuel injection programming that reliably gives you 75 MPG which is about 20% better than the pre 2004 models. Hell! That as good and is quite enviable to a lot of 250cc motorcycles. 

This is a Great BUY at $6250 with a bumper to bumper BMW warranty until Feb. 2010 or another 33,600 miles, which ever comes first. Here’s a link to Kelly Blue Book for just an average 2007 BMW F650GS with ABS only and no other options that would have a lot more miles and probably no warranty left. 


Add in for ABS. Heated Grips, Tall Windshield, Hazard lights, Factory Lowered Option, Low Miles and Excellent condition, plus the remainder of the factory BMW warranty. 

KBB shows value at $6400 without all my extras and flawless condition. Bike needs nothing. 

This is a 2007 BMW F650GS with 2485 miles on the odometer that comes with the following: 

1.ABS Brakes 
2.Heated Grips 
3.Taller wind breaking windshield 
4.Hazard Lights 
5.Accessory outlet 
6.Factory lowered option (will handle riders from 27 ” to 33” inseam with no problems of being able to put your feet flat on ground. 
7.Owners manuals and Roadside service for remainder of warranty. 
8.Has Full BMW hard sided and expandable side luggage for an additional $350. I could easily sell these bags separately on Craigslist or Ebay since they are over $700 OTD from BMW for at least the additional $350 I'm asking for them. 

With quick connect/disconnect BMW hard side and expandable bags for only $350: 



Here’s a write up on the 2007 BMW F650GS. 


After reviewing the pictures on that site or in the body of this ad, you would have to agree that this is one beautiful bike. 

Next BMW recommended service is at 6K miles. 

It’s a do "Everything Well" bike with great balance and maneuverability. With the factory lowered option it allows a lot more vertically challenged individuals to enjoy a GS model including a lot of would be women first time riders. 

BMW engineering has made a bike that will go well over 100K miles and take you there in comfort, safety and style. 

Cruise all day long at 85 MPH and then jump off onto a trail or fire road and get your buzz on. Take a ride to work or a take weekender or a 3 month journey across North America, and feel totally comfortable in all venues with this bike. 

The F650GS can have multiple seat height’s, which allows us shorter folks a chance to ride it with comfort and style, and have our feet on the ground at a red light. Seat height at lowest setting with factory lowered option is about 27 “ inches. Or you can go up to 30 inches with the tall seat option or even change the rear shock links and front tube springs to bring it totally back to stock height. This makes the BMW the most versatile Dual Sport bike out there. 

“Why buy a Kawasaki KLR650 or a Suzuki DR650 or Yamaha when you can have a previously owned BMW for about the same price, that will outlast those bikes 4 to 1.” The KLR 650 or DR650 or the Yamaha are both lighter than the BMW F650GS but they all feel like they are a hundred pounds heavier because of the way they were designed. 

When you reach 32K miles on a KLR, DR or Yamaha you are just about ready for an engine rebuild. When you reach 32K on a "BMW MOTORCYCLE" you are just ready for another oil and filter change. (Big Difference) 

The F650GS has its fuel tank designed underneath your seat. This makes a world of difference on "Center Of Gravity." It is fuel injected, & water cooled. Everything about this MC was built with longevity and maneuverability in mind. 

Lets face it, the Germans know how to engineer cars and motorcycles. You won't believe how balanced the F650GS feels while driving it under all conditions. Did you know that BMW was the very first motorcycle manufacturer to install ABS brakes on a motorcycle. By design it is truly a twisty canyon carver. I have original owner’s packet with manuals. This bike has never been dropped or tipped and a 99+% bike. 

Anything I have ever sold has usually sold to the 1st person that physically comes and sees what I have to offer. First potential buyer gets an extremely nice and becoming sort of a prized MC to BMW owners. You can buy this 2007 BMW F650GS for only $62500 or for only $6600 with the BMW expandable hard cases. Try to find one with these few of miles on it with no scratches or bruises and these options for less money, anywhere. 

It can be seen in the Saddlehorn Subdivision which is right off Mt. Rose Hwy. and Thomas Creek Road in South Reno. 

It has been Meticulously maintained and ridden. 

I have titles to everything I own, and I am not a desperate seller so no “Low Ball’ers” please. A blind man could see the value in this BMW. 

Paring down number of my motorcycles (presently have three), also have a 2007 Triumph Rocket III for sale as well with < 4400 miles and it is all so a 99+% bike. 

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