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2005 BMW R1200GS

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2005 BMW
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2005 BMW R1200GS in pristine cond. and low miles. Lots of options.

Date: 2009-09-26, 1:10PM PDT
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The 2005 BMW R1200GS has BMW’s most popular and bullet proof engine. One of the 1200GS Forums has several happy owner's turning over 200K miles on their R1200GS's without a major overhaul and still going strong. If you are looking for one bike to own, you would have to seriously consider the BMW R1200GS. This is the deep Ocean BLUE Metallic & Silver color combo. I have people pull up along the side of me all the time at a red light, complementing me on the looks of my bike. 





This is a Great BUY at $11,500 for a 2005 BMW R1200GS (bike only) with only 12,096 miles. 

If you want the BMW luggage with the bike it is a $500 adder. 

If you want the GPS & Radar detector with the bike it is also a $300 adder 

For Everything its $12,300 

Compare it to a 2009 BMW R1200GS out the door without BMW luggage and all my add on options for over $20K. 

Compare to other previously owned R1200GS's and make sure that all their major maintenance and annual schedules have been performed. What might look like a better price, may not be, if you have to put out $800 to $1000 to bring it up to proper maintenance and annuals as my bike. (See my list on 12k service just done.) 

If you dare too compare? 
I will stack up my GS to any other 2005 GS in the country. 


Add $500 for full BMW factory luggage (both side bags as well as top bag with rear seat backrest option.) I could sell these bags on ebay for $700 plus after the sale of my bike. 


For another additional $300 I'll throw in the Garmin Nuvi 765t GPS with full accessory shelf and mounts as well as an Escort Radar detector. 

Just ask any BMW Motor Cycle mechanic about the ruggedness of the R1200 engine. Dual spark design with optimum fuel injection programming, extreme counter balancing, and reliable oil cooled engine that gives you excellent MPG as well as performance. 

This R1200GS has the following factory and optioned equipment with add on's: 

1. ABS 
2. Heated grips 
3. Hand protectors 
4. Daylight modulator on High beam headlight 
4. 3 pulse module and then steady on Rear LED brake light 
5. BMW's factory alarm system with (2) key pads. 
6. BMW keyed side saddlebags 
7. BMW keyed top case with passenger back rest 
8. Newly acquired rear Metzler Tourance tire. (Front still has plenty of miles left on it) 
9. Adjustable GS windscreen 
10. Side and Center stands 
11. Dual Accessory outlets with one under side seat panel modified to use a standard Battery Tender Plus. 
12. Full Steel Grey Crash bars that protect heads completely and still allow valve adjustments without taking bars off. 
13. $700 Rick Mayers custom all leather seat with passenger seat. Actually is inch lower than stock seat on lowest setting. 
14. Handlebar risers: Up 1" Back 1.5" 
15. Kaoko Throttle Lock Mechanical Cruise Control. 
16. Garmin Nuvi 765t GPS & an Escort "Solo" Radar detector with accessory self and mounting hardware. 

Just completed the 12K service with annuals: 

1. Oil filter and change 
2. Transmission fluid change 
3. Rear end fluid in shaft drive changed 
4. Front brake fluid flushed through ABS 
5. Rear brake fluid flushed through ABS 
6. Intake and exhaust valves adjusted 
7. Valve Rocker Arm lash adjusted 
8. Clutch fluid flushed 
9. Throttle bodies for fuel injectors were balanced 

Here’s a write up on the 2005 BMW R1200GS. By most accounts from expert riders and motorcycle magazines alike, they voted the 2005 BMW R1200GS the “BEST” overall motorcycle in the world for that year. That's some heavy praise, so see what others have to say about the R1200GS. 



After reviewing those sites and the pictures of my GS in the body of this ad, you would have to agree that this is one beautiful bike, that can and will do just about anything you ask of it. The deep metallic OCEAN BLUE and SILVER color combination makes for one "REGAL" looking ride. This is the most desirable color combo in the aftermarket. 

Next BMW recommended service is at 18K miles. 

The R1200GS is a do "Everything Well" bike with great balance and maneuverability. The R1200GS will out carve a canyon carver sport bike. It has a 51 degree lean angle, and unless you are wearing knee pucks, that should just about handle anything that the average and way above average rider will try on this bike. 

BMW engineering has made a bike that will go well over 100K miles and take you there in comfort, safety and style. 

Cruise all day long at 85 MPH and then jump off onto a trail or fire road and get your "BUZZ" on. Take a ride to work or a take a weekender trip or a 3 month journey across North and South America, and feel totally comfortable in all venues with this bike. 

The R1200GS can have multiple seat height’s. You can also get a low seat or an adventurer high seat option. This makes the BMW R1200GS one of the most versatile Dual Sport bikes out there. 

“Why buy a new Kawasaki or a Suzuki or Yamaha or a Harley when you can have a previously owned BMW for about the same price or less, that will outlast those bikes 4 to 1.” 

When you reach 64K miles on most other bikes you are just about ready for an engine rebuild. When you reach 64K on a "BMW MOTORCYCLE" you are just ready for another oil and filter change. (Big Difference) 

The R1200GS is 66 pounds lighter, has more horsepower and torque than its R1150GS predecessor. The reduction in weight alone makes a world of difference on "Center Of Gravity." It is fuel injected, & oil cooled (no radiators to fuss with, that adds weight and presents another possible leak or problem). Everything about this MC was built with longevity and maneuverability in mind. 

Lets face it, the Germans know how to engineer cars and motorcycles. You won't believe how balanced the R1200GS feels while driving it under all conditions. Did you know that BMW was the very first motorcycle manufacturer to install ABS brakes on a motorcycle. This unit has the servo assisted ABS brakes and will stop you on a dime. I have all the original owner’s packet with manuals. 

Anything I have ever sold has usually sold to the 1st person that physically comes and sees what I have to offer. First potential buyer gets an extremely nice and meticulously maintained MC that has never been off road or damaged in any way. You can pay less, but you won't find one in this condition with this many options and looks this good for this price. 

It can be seen in the Saddlehorn subdivision right off Mt . Rose Hwy. And Thomas Creek Road in South Reno, by appointment only. You won't be disappointed no matter how far you come to see this bike. 

I have titles to everything I own, and I am not a desperate seller so no “Low Ball’ers” please. A blind man could see the value in this R1200GS. 

I hate to give up the best MC that I have ever owned, but age always catches up with you sooner or later. 

Contact John: 775- 853-7203 

*Pictures provided by UC&V, LLC. If you like what you see, and want information on providing these kinds of Full Screen, high resolution photos, then get further information at this site: http://jdbaldoc.tripod.com 

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