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“This Street Vibrations Super Cruiser can be had for much less than a HD Road King that is several years older and many more miles than this Rocket III! 


This is a 2007 Triumph Rocket III Classic Tourer with only 4400 miles on it. (THIS IS A CALIFORNIA EMISSIONS LEGAL BIKE) 

Triumph boast that their Rocket III's 2294 cc triple piston engine is the largest stock production MC engine in the industry. This Triple cylinder monster is also Fuel Injected, Shaft Drive, Liquid Cooled and has the torque of a John Deer Tractor. 






Here's a little technical information of the 2007 Triumph Rocket III. 

It has a low center of gravity and enough horsepower and “tree stump pulling torque” to propel this good looking and shiny beast down the mile run at about 11.00 seconds. Did I say, “it was fast?” How about a pretty good canyon carver to boot if you know how to ride a MC with big tires. It can perform on the mountain roads because of it's design, and low center of gravity & weight distribution. So much torque you could actually drive around town in stop and go traffic in 3rd gear. Yet it weighs about the same as a Harley "Road King." 

I have had Harley's, BMW's, Norton's, Suzuki's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's, Honda's and quite a few others, but this bike has enough sex appeal for a strange woman to show you what she's got, just to have you take here picture in the saddle. 

I'm in my 60's and getting a little too old for such heart pounding machines; as well as topless chicks wanting to take a picture on my bike, while I'm trying to enjoy a brew at a local bar. (Isn't that something how your priority's change the older we get.) 

If you see this machine and drive it in person, and you were a big “HARLEY” guy or one of the big twin Japanese Harley (Wanna Be Guys), you will be saying, “Harley Smarley,” I got to have this ride. You won't go anywhere that someone doesn't come up to you and start talking to you about this unique looking bike. 

Just look at these pictures and click on these two links to KBB Average Trade In Value and Average Retail Value they are already linked to a 2007 Triumph Rocket III Classic Tourer in only average condition with many more miles. 

Trade In Value: 

Average retail price: 


Make me a reasonable offer in person after seeing and hearing it, on what you think it is worth to you. Remember these KBB values are for a Rocket III Classic Tourer in only average condition with at least 3 to 4 times the mileage on them. So at least give me a reasonable offer; you never know if I will be in one of my senior moments and say, “I'll take it.” 

Average mileage use for a 2007 big cc bike is around 12K miles. This one has 4300 miles, high performance exhaust (have stock catalytic converter and pipe ends) Triumph Saddlebags, Triumph Windshield, Triumph Floorboards with controls and this bike is in extremely good condition 99+%. Just changed oil and filter even though it isn't due until the next scheduled service, which is around 10K miles. In fact, for this bike Triumph recommends 10K mile service intervals. That's the longest service intervals in the industry. 

Bike is fully ready. Just top off the gas tank and go where ever you want. Like I said, “for such a big bike, it cruises through canyons pretty darn well.” That triple cylinder engine fires every 120 degrees on the crankshaft. No wonder it makes so much torque. 

I have such a nice and rather unique looking and performance pounding motorcycle, that I don't have any problem letting a potential buyer establish a selling price that he or she is willing to pay for this bike. You are going to get a bargain $$$ that you can brag to your friends about, but it won't be a give away price either. 

I have always found that most people are pretty honest and fair minded with you, and should be able to understand value when they see it. 

So make me an offer, because I can guarantee you, that the first serious person that comes out to look at this Motorcycle will not leave here, until they negotiate a fair an acceptable price between the two of us; and they will BUY IT. You won't find a nicer, cleaner and lower mileage machine of this caliber in this area anytime soon, where the owner is going to offer it up to some lucky person for what comes down to “Lets Make A Deal.” 

Besides the new owner of this 2294 cc bad ass cruiser, will be the “Cock of the Walk” during this years “Street Vibrations.” Just a little side note, new with all the add on's this bike was originally around $18K OTD. 

Triumph almost has a cult like following. They make one helluva a MC with some pretty high mileage triples going over 200K miles and they keep on going. 

I use to wear nothing but Rolex watches until everyone wore one or a fake one. I now wear a James Bond Omega, because I like something a little bit different from the rest of the crowd. 

I use to own Harley's ( which are very fine machines ) until everyone seemed to own a Harley; but you will really stand out in the crowd with a Triumph Rocket III. It can also embarrass most Japanese crotch rockets and the “punky” kids that ride them. Harley's themselves will only be a speck in the side view mirrors. This is not a me too kind of bike. 

This is a “MAN's” motorcycle and not a machine for the first time buyer or “tofu and bean sprout eating crowd.” I'm 5'8”, 63 years old and grey, and handle it just fine, but I don't get crazy. If you twist the throttle hard you better be hanging on. 

I'm not a desperate seller and everything I own is paid for, and I do have a clean, clear Title in Hand. This is also a California legal bike. I think I have a few more years of riding left in me, so I'll be mostly riding my 2005 BMW R1200GS which was considered by most motorcycle experts and magazines to be the best overall motorcycle in the world. It's not exactly your father's Oldsmobile; but it does have a selective worldwide following. I guess, I will always follow the road less traveled. Makes it more fun that way. 

I also have my 2007 BMW F650GS with 2400 miles and loaded for sale as well. See ad here on Craigslist: 


This beautiful masterpiece of MC machinery can be seen in the Saddlehorn Subdivision which is located right off Mt. Rose Hwy. & Thomas Creek Rd. in South Reno. 

No disappointments no matter how far you come to see this Rocket III. 
Gees! I wonder why they call it a Rocket III? 

I am positive that the first person out here to see this bike, will be able to negotiate a reasonable deal with me to buy it. 

Call John for an appointment: 1-775-xxx-xxxx 

Just remember, I might be getting old, but I'm not senile yet. Will only take offers in person after you see the bike. (Exception: If you live more than 250 miles from Reno. ) There is no way that a legitimate potential buyer could just call up and start negotiating price over the phone without first seeing this bike. “It's literally like new, and a real head turner, because you just don't see many of them on the road.” Local Triumph dealer has a 2007 Rocket III Clasic demo on their showroom floor, which I believe has about 6K miles on it, (looks exactly like mine with same options but it has more miles on it) for $16K OTD. 


Location: Reno, NV. 
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests 

  • Location: Reno, NV.
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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